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Jules Deelder kicks off

Jules Deelder (1944) is a Dutch poet, spoken word poet, and writer. His poems cover topics such as life in the city of Rotterdam, drug use, and music (jazz). He is well known in the Netherlands. His nickname calls ‘night mayor of Rotterdam’ because of his prominent role in te cultural life of this city. Jules Deelder always wears a black handmade suit. In 2010 Esquire magazine elected him as the ‘Best dressed man in the Netherlands’. Therefore this style icon should not be missed on my blog. He is also a fervent cycling fan and therefore invited to kick off the Personalities derny, part of the annual Profronde in Oostvoorne.


Jules Deelder

Jules Deelder à la James Bond

Despite the high temperatures (over 30 degrees), he appears on this day as ever in a black suit and tie. He wears one of his distinctive frames.To be able to take photos we walk to a quiet spot just off the trail, where large crowds are around. Meanwhile, he tells me he knows Oostvoorne well. As a child, he visited, together with his parents, this village often in order to stay at the beach. During our walk to the church, where I took the photos, he was regularly recognized and addressed. He enjoyed chatting with several people, especially about cycling. After he has launched and the ‘gun’ is still in his hands, I ask him to keep it  ‘à la James Bond’ crossed over his chest.


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