“Life would be much more easier having only one dress…..

mb-Juliette-Vossen Juliette: “I’m invited by a friend for a vintage sale at the Amstel Hotel, but I don’t buy vintage myself. For years I already bought clothes designed by Frans Molenaar
and Frank Govers. They became vintage! I don’t work anymore, but from time to time I sell my own sparkling bubbles: ‘Edition Juliette”. I’m single and do have a busy, social life, I’m satisfied with it.
This coat is by Christian Dior, I bought it a long time ago. Dress: Ibiza and scarf by Roberto Cavalli.


 “Jan Taminiau is my favorite designer at this moment, I would like to have one of his dresses in my wardrobe. I’m fond of fashion, I’ve always been, so did my parents and aunts.
Life would be much easier when one only has one dress, one pair of trousers and one coat. At the same time, I enjoy it, I do get many compliments from people on the streets.”

Bag by Karen Millen


 Shoes: Dolce &Gabbana, tights: Wolford