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Karen Cnossen: 'Inspiratie krijg ik door tijdschriften en Instagram...'

Karen Cnossen

I met Karen through her daughter Marije, who runs one of my favorite vintage stores: Vintage Curators. Karen lives in Philippine (Zeeuws Vlaanderen), but we meet up in Haarlem. Karen: “I was born on Terschelling, we still have a house, there, where we spend our time for about half of the year. When I met my husband, he was a helmsman on the great waters. To be able to join him as a passenger we had to get married first. After that, I sailed on the cargo ship twice for half a year. En route there was plenty of opportunity for sports. And in many ports, there was time to explore the city, because fortunately, I did not have to help with loading and unloading. So we have seen a lot of the world together. We still look back with pleasure on this beautiful beginning of our marriage. ”

Karen Cnossen: 'Inspiratie krijg ik door tijdschriften en Instagram...'



“My mother used to make a lot of clothes, also for herself. She got me interested in clothing. When Marije was still living at home, I also made a lot of clothes for her. I now occasionally go to Ghent or Antwerp, to buy beautiful fabrics. I also like to buy vintage clothing, but also new clothes. In any case, I try to buy sustainable clothing. I do not prefer a particular brand, but Scandinavian designs really appeal to me. I find my inspiration in magazines and Instagram. I can best describe my style as ‘casual chic’. I keep my clothes for a long time. My favorite garment is a pair of Prada trousers, 30 years old, which I now use in the garden!”


Karen Cnossen: 'Inspiratie krijg ik door tijdschriften en Instagram...'


“Marije and I have the same size which is ideal, so we can occasionally exchange clothes. Since Marije has her own shop, it speaks for itself that I look around every time I come to Haarlem to see if there is something to my liking. She does not only sell vintage but also buys fabrics for making clothes. Like this dress, made from a fabric by Dries van Noten. I can wear it with or without a belt, or open with tight pants or leggings underneath. ”


Karen Cnossen: 'Inspiratie krijg ik door tijdschriften en Instagram...'


“About 5 years ago, while I was at the hairdresser, I read an article in the magazine Linda about women who no longer color their hair, who were happy with their grey hair. From that time onwards I just let it grow without coloring. My hairdresser advised me to use highlights, to mask the transition a bit. Now I occasionally use the Silver Care shampoo and conditioner from Andrélon. I am very pleased with my grey hair. My lipstick and lip pencil is from the Hema, moisturizing no. 6. I use the day cream from Lidl, which is excellent! When we were recently on Terschelling my glasses broke. Fortunately, I found this frame at the local optician. It is a Spanish brand: Etnia Barcelona. The slippers are from the brand Vagabond, also found in Haarlem, at the ID store “.

Karen Cnossen: 'Inspiratie krijg ik door tijdschriften en Instagram...'

Daughter Marije takes care of the finishing touch.

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