kleurrijk op straat, dit is street style Amsterdam

A colorful street style in Amsterdam

Monica enjoys living in the heart of Amsterdam. She stands out in the streets of the city. Monica: “I like to be a bit crazy and do not want to look like everyone else. Now that I am a little older, I even take it a step further. I want to look eccentric while getting older. I often receive compliments, but the most important thing is that it makes me feel happy when I look good. ”



“My love for clothes did not come out of the blue. My mother told me that when I was fifteen I went to Amsterdam – we lived on the east side of the country – to buy shoes. On request, I have often styled people for weddings and parties. I had the jacket I wear today made for me, it is inspired by a design by Vivienne Westwood. The collar is typical Kenzo (from earlier years). Kenzo is no longer my favorite designer; the designs of today are more suitable for young people. My style can best be described as timeless and a bit kinky.”



“I like to buy fabrics at the market and I use them to have clothes made for me, for example, this skirt. The bottom is not hemmed, this way it creates a nice edge. In my opinion, a total outfit from one designer is a bit boring. My clothes last a long time, so I can often make new combinations with them. You’ve probably already noticed that I really like ton-sur-ton.”


“Love for clothing is a part of me. It is impossible to explain, I’ve always had this feeling. Especially the early years of Kenzo are very inspiring to me and I also follow Vivienne Westwood. I really liked the Alexander McQueen exhibition I saw in London. I do not really follow the fashion that you see in stores or in magazines. I’m mainly focused on my own individual feelings and ideas.”

kleurrijk op straat, dit is street style Amsterdam



“Besides clothes, I have a preference for interior design. Here too I use ton-sur-ton color combinations, for sure in recent years. I like to advise people who are busy decorating their home and help them choose colors for their various walls.”

kleurrijk op straat, dit is street style Amsterdam


kleurrijk op straat, dit is street style Amsterdam

kleurrijk op straat, dit is street style Amsterdam

Do you want advice on your interior?

Are you interested in an interior advice by Monica? Or would you like to know what colors are best to use on your walls? You can make an appointment with Monica to discuss this. She will only ask a small fee for this because she mainly enjoys it and finds it an honor to do so.

Do you want to make an appointment? Send me an e-mail and I will put you in contact with Monica: misjabeijers@gmail.com




Earrings and bracelet: Marni
Glasses: Nes optiek
Cardigan: Maison Margiela
Coat and jacket: no brands
Bag: Hermès
Shoes are Japanese-made. Monica likes to look around in second-hand shops and to buy pre-owned online.