Search and find

One of the most lovely parts of my work is visiting different cities.
Of course the most important thing is to find people to photograph, but when I’m on my way I also
come across nice boutiques.
Sometimes they sell brands I never heard of. The other day I visited Den Bosch, a charming city
in the south part of Holland.
Yentl, one of the several boutiques in Den Bosch, I saw this tunic by Kokoon, new label Kokoon


Kokoon is a Danish brand, on their website I read: ‘Kokoon was launched in 2009 by Nanna Søbirk.
The Copenhagen based brand is built upon a simple dogma. Silk is cut, loved and transformed 
into pieces that instantly make you feel and look good. Timeless across seasons rather than in
fashion. Suited for the female body but not a stranger to the male silhouette.’ new label Kokoon


I bought this dark blue silk tunic, on the back a box pleat.
I match it with a black legging. Because I don’t have a dark blue one (yet). And actually I love it
this way. In summer when it’s getting really hot I’ll wear it without together with sandals. new label Kokoon


These clogs are by Vialis, a Spanish brand. I bought them years ago. Shoes and clogs by Vialis
are all handmade. You’ll find them on their website. So, Danish and Spanish go very well together.
Den Bosch Yentl-Den-BoschIMG_9341

Den Bosch is a lovely city, where you can find a lot of nice boutiques. This is Yentl, the boutique I
bought my tunic. More shops in Den Bosch you’ll find here.

Photos by: BertB