'Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien'


According to Marja Koppen (1953) from Amsterdam, you don’t have to buy the most expensive clothes. Marja: “Expensive clothing can be very nice in fabric and finish, but with cheaper clothes, you can create a great look. I do not prefer a particular brand. To me it’s important that clothes are comfortable, I like special details and they must be comfortable. I love wearing feminine clothes, made of supple fabrics. High, wide pants and A-line dresses or skirts are favorite. Think of the 20’s style. You’ll never see me In a pair of jeans.”

'Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien'


Together with her husband, Marja runs Brasserie De Joffers in Amsterdam. Marja: “I get a lot of inspiration on the street, but also in our brasserie and out of magazines. At the beginning of each season, I take a look at the ‘new’ colors in stores and what I have in my closet. I love to make new combinations and hang them apart. Otherwise, I’ll forget about it later. I do not throw away any of my clothes. Sometimes I do not wear them for a few seasons, but suddenly they turn out fitting with something new. ”

'Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien'


“I like shopping, but I do not want to get such an uncluttered mountain of clothes. So I’m selective in buying. Combining is important, both in my clothes as in my interior. I bought this H&M jacket some years ago, the pants and the blouse I recently bought at Vanilia. At home, I discovered that the jacket appeared to fit perfectly with the pants. Take some time for it, but it’s very surprising to see that you can make many different combinations with few things. ”

'Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien'


“Exactly the same way I use to create a new look for my interior, with little adjustments. I clearly learned that from my mother. I wanted to go to the Fashion Academy, but for practical reasons I have chosen for the teacher training Artistic Formation. I worked as a teacher for a long time and at the same time, I started as a ceramist. Nowadays I try to find some time to create ceramics besides my work at De Joffers.”

Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien


“Do not buy anything at all because it’s in fashion. Look very well at yourself, find out what’s right for you. You have to feel comfortable in it. Otherwise, you do not wear it, or anyway too little.”

'Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien'

'Met minder geld kun je er ook goed uitzien'

I took photos of Marja at the opening of the exhibition of designers Puck&Hans. Also wearing a very tasteful outfit, which she bought at Zara.T


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