Libelle's Angelique: 'Eigenlijk ben ik een modemeisje...'


It’s winter, also in Haarlem. I see her standing at a flower stall, because of her special coat, and long pigtails and glitter pants. A woman with a noticeable style: Angelique Jansen(1963). “This really is a good day to wear this cozy jacket, which I bought second hand. Almost everything I buy is second hand, even my furniture. Maybe that has to do with my father, who was an antiquarian. My mother is interested in fashion, jut like I am. She is still very creative: knitting, embroidery, sewing. She taught me how to make my own clothes. When I was 15 years old, every week I was wearing new clothes. At that age, my biggest fear was to encounter someone wearing the same blouse for example.”

Libelle's Angelique: 'Eigenlijk ben ik een modemeisje...'

I am a ‘fashion girl’

“I’m Creative Manager at a magazine called Libelle. That means I am, among other things, responsible for the creative interpretation of the Libelle Summer Week. (An event with about 85,000 visitors in one week). Every year I develop a creative concept for this event and ensure that it is implemented consistently throughout the decor. All with the goal to provide a fantastic experience for our readers. Of course, in collaboration with colleagues from the Libelle Summer Week Event department. This year we designed a special ‘dots’ collection for Miss Etam. I also work for Libelle TV, I make films about all kinds of creative subjects. For example how to appliqué dots on a sweater or how to make pumpkins. After all, I’m a fashion girl, I studied fashion at Artez in Arnhem. You can recognize it in all the different things I do.

Libelle's Angelique: 'Eigenlijk ben ik een modemeisje...'

“These pants I bought new. Also these boots by Jill Sander, but during a sale. They were not cheap, but I bought them years ago and they are so comfortable. This ‘glass eye’ ring is very special. It’s made by someone who makes glass eyes for people as well.”



“My (teenage) son doesn’t like it, but I don’t want to dye my hair any longer. It will take some time and maybe I’ll gradually be tempted to dye it again. But for now, I go for gray.”

Libelle's Angelique: 'Eigenlijk ben ik een modemeisje...'

“I like to develop new skills. That’s why I ‘m going to vlog about the Libelle Summer Week!”

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