Mag ik Elly van Zutphen even aan je voorstellen

Interview with Elly

MisjaB is doing well, so it’s time for an extra editor. Who could be better than Elly van Zutphen? A woman my age, with a lot of experience in fashion and beauty. And also with writing experience, not just for various magazines, but also for her own blog. Elly writes for MisjaB about the latest beauty products, she shares her golden tips on cosmetics with the readers of MisjaB. And if you have questions about it, you can ask her advice.  She will also keep us informed about news and background stories on fashion, art, and culture. To find out more about Elly, I interviewed her.

Isn’t the time to stop working?

“Officially I’m retired, but it’s not in my character to do nothing. I’ve always worked for magazines and started my career at a young age at VIVA, where I soon became chief fashion and beauty editor. I did the same work for Marie Claire Holland and after six years I was asked to become editor in chief for Elegance. After my departure at Elegance, I worked several years as an ad interim for various magazines. I left the magazine world for a while and then returned to the digital magazine world with a website for women over fifty. One of the first websites for this particular age group. We wrote about topics that affect women of our age in terms of fashion, beauty, health, art, and culture.”

Mag ik Elly even aan je voorstellen

How is your life at the moment?

“I am married to Adriaan, we’re living in Amsterdam and together we have three children. My husband has a daughter and two grandchildren and I have two sons. My eldest son’s wife is expecting and I am very excited about the arrival of a grandchild. Since the boys were small, I have a holiday home in France and the last few years we spend the summer there. A great place where we experience “quality time” with the kids, their loves, grandchildren and with our friends. But it’s also a place where we work in the garden, build and re-build and are otherwise creative. Because we both love that!”

Where does your information come from?

“I read the newspapers, sometimes I buy international magazines and I watch various news programs on TV. There are no specific bloggers, vloggers or so-called “influencers” that keep me informed of lifestyle subjects. It’s mainly conversations with my friends, the young people I regularly meet, articles I find on the net and my innate curiosity that keep me informed of what’s going on. Some of these things I’d like to share with the readers of MisjaB.”

Mag ik Elly even aan je voorstellen

I am very happy that Elly will also write for MisjaB. I can not wait for her first tips on beauty!


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