About fifteen years ago I decided I didn’t want to dye my hair any longer. Until that time, my hairdresser occasionally colored some blond highlights in my dark blond hair. When my hair became gray I didn’t need the blond highlights anymore. The natural gray tufts are the highlights nowadays. I wonder how long it takes to become completely gray. Today it looks like this:



The main advantage coloring your hair no longer is because it’s better for your hair. This applies to all ages, but especially if you are getting slightly older. Because of the changing structure of your hair, it becomes thinner.


When you decided to go back to your natural color, you don’t have to worry any longer about your outgrowth. Not even when you are outside and the wind blows your hair.


Getting older your skin changes as well, it becomes a little bit lighter. If you’re getting on coloring your hair in the color you once had, it doesn’t fit so well with your skin anymore.

Time and money

Last but not least: it saves time and money. If you did the coloring yourself it isn’t that expensive, but your bathroom is a mess afterward. And when your hairdresser is doing the job it costs you a lot of money and time. Sometimes when I enter my hairdresser’s someone is sitting at the table with her head full of tinfoil reading a magazine. And she still does by the time I’m leaving while my hair has been washed, cut and blow dried. The money I don’t have to spend on coloring I’d rather buy a new blouse or a (striped) shirt.

Remember: gray hair doesn’t make you old, how you feel about yourself does.

These benefits apply also for men! Do you have more benefits? Please let me know!

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