Make-up aanpassen voor een avondje uit, zo doe je dat


From daily to evening make-up

Marion Willemsen has been working as a professional makeup artist for a long time (19 years). She works for television programs and theater as a fitting make-up. She has previously made and given me lots of tips for everyday makeup. Now Marion shows how to adapt this day makeup for a night out. Marion: “First I work camouflage on, I use Isadora in cream form, in the same shade as your skin and only where needed, the spots around your eyes, your mouth, and your nose.”


“For evening makeup I use slightly thicker foundation. In two tones, Nos.1 and 2 of Lancôme complexion Idole Ultra. Under your eyes, I use the lightest tint. Also a little bit on your ear cups. Then a little loose powder over.”


“For your eyes, I use eye shadow from the gray/blue palette by MAC. Just under the eyebrow a little light eye shadow and a little silver in the corner of the eye. On the side a little more blue than during the day. Along the upper lash line, I make with the darkest color from the palette a triangle. Then sweep gently, from the outside in. Also at the bottom, I apply a little touch of blue and a darker corner. Again, I fade it gently, halfway your eyeball. The crease I make something darker with a soft brush, here I work from the outside in. For the finishing touch, I use a little bit more mascara.”

Rouge and lipstick

“I choose the peach blush from MAC for you. Not on your cheekbone, because it gives light to your eyes. I recommend making any gloss on the cheekbone. Gloss accents (if any) wrinkles. Alternatively, you can use a little bit of a dull, light eyeshadow. Finally the lipstick. For the evening look, I choose a slightly darker shade of pink: Paramount Mac.

Evening hairstyle

According to Marion, an evening look needs also another hairstyle. Using styling gel, curling irons and hair dryers she creates a whole new look. Below you can see the result and the difference to the daily makeup. I’m going to try the makeup and to style my hair like this.  A challenge just before Christmas.

Make-up aanpassen voor een avondje uit, zo doe je dat

Hier lees je meer tips van Marion en hier de uitgebreide post over de dagelijkse make up.


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