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Mostly when I walk through the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam, I visit Sukha. Because there is always a special text or saying painted on the shop window. They sell beautiful, honest made stuff and clothes, showcased in a very attractive way. Therefore I usually take some time to go inside. This time, there is a nice woman on the bench in front of the store.

Sukha in de Haarlemmerstraat

It appears to be Margareth van der Werf (1960), she works at Sukha and she allows to take some pictures. Margaret: “I work at Sukha’s for almost 5 years. From the first moment it feels good, it is a nice shop, beautiful things are sold and I also may, for a part, contribute to the purchase. Sustainability and good production areas are very important for Sukha, it really appeals to me. I think it is very important that consumers will develop a different consciousness. Irene Mertens, the owner, is an entrepreneur with a big heart and she has a fine and enthusiastic team gathered around her.



The suit I’m wearing is by KOI (Kings Of Indigo). It is a durable and Dutch jeans label. It is made of organic cotton and it is quite comfortable. I love beautiful made, a little bit cool, classic and uniform-like clothing. A bit androgynous. I’m a fan of the designs of Monique van Heist and I like to wear clothes by Humanoid.

‘One of a kind’ scarves

It started as a joke. Eight years ago I made a shawl for one of my friends with residual material. I liked it so much to work on it and I got a lot of positive reactions. Then I started my own label, 1 oak, it represents “one of a kind.” Each shawl I make is unique. I work a lot with silk, linen, soft velvet and faux fur. I’m always looking around for beautiful fabrics and crazy things that I can use. Every scarf is different and tells its own little story. I make them not only for women, men wear my shawls too. Instead of a tie or just with a sweater.







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