I even hate the word ‘shopping’ ….

Marianne van Slooten (1950) lives in ‘s Hertogenbosch. “I wear my clothes for a very long time.
Years ago I bought a dress (by Chipie) in Paris. At that time I used a baby buggy for my daughter.
Now it’s my grandchild who’s is sitting in a buggy and I still wear this dress.
I’m happy my figure didn’t change that much in all those years.
The only thing is that I can’t close the matching belt in the first hole anymore, nowadays I have to
use the last one.
I don’t spend much time and money on clothing. This dress I bought some weeks ago in a
vintage shop.
I often buy clothes in vintage shops in my neighborhood. Sometimes one of the owners gives
me a sign when she’s discovered something special for me.
I wear my glasses always for five years. The moment I buy a new frame I choose new
sunglasses as well. Sunglasses a
lways by Chanel, because I love them.
I’m fond of jewelry, most are gifts from my husband.
I often wear these earrings by Pomellato (Victoria Rose Gold).
This watch is by Chanel. The ring on my left hand is Capri Onyx black with diamant.
(Schaap en Citroen).
The ring on my right hand is a design by Sévigné. It’s a German brand, once bought in Munich.
The bag is vintage.

Adresses of second hand shops in ‘s Hertogenbosch you find here
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