Mario Davidson |

For Zin magazine, I photograph each month an outspoken woman or man. During Fashion Week in Amsterdam, I came across Mario Davidson (1963), born and raised in Amsterdam. He was on his way to a fashion show he produced the music for.

My own choices


Mario (1963): ” I’ve always had an alternative style of dressing. When I was in high school I wore during a long period only clothes and shoes from my grandfather. Dark coats, neat pants. I was bullied so bad and it was not always fun. But that didn’t stop me continue wearing those clothes. I still make my own choices. It is important you feel comfortable in clothes you wear.



Mario Davidson |


Mario: “Since my eighteenth, I’ve always been involved in music. I’ve also played in a band. During my study and later when I started my career in automation business, there was not much time left for playing music. But some fifteen years ago I started my own business as a producer. I produce for artists, advertising and occasional for fashion shows. It’s difficult to describe my style: it is pop music from the 80s, a kind of eclectic. It’s very diverse, nevertheless there is a certain line in it and I I’m very happy to have my own signature. Music is my passion.


Mario Davidson | Mario Davidson |

“I always wear jewelry. Most of my jewelry I buy at auctions. But also at Lippens in Amsterdam. My coat is from the Jeremy Scott line by Adidas. Trousers by Maisonthefaux. My cap is vintage.”

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