During Fashion Week in Amsterdam, I saw a lady with beautiful, curly hair. By acquaintance shows that we follow each other for a while through Instagram. We already had a vague agreement to make an appointment, but such a spontaneous encounter is, even more, fun! Of course, I may take pictures of her and she tells all about her new plans.

Personal shopper Marjon Sars

Personal shopper Marjon Sars Go-for-it-girls| MisjaB.nl

Marjon Sars (53):  “I have been working for sixteen years as a personal shopper. I provide my clients every season a new wardrobe. Whether I help people who are looking for a new style. I also give workshops to companies in the field of (re)styling. I know that many ’40 somethings’ are looking for advice to the field of fashion, clothing and makeup. There are plenty of young ‘vloggers’ making films for young girls, but not yet for our age. It is, therefore, time for my new plans. 

Your personal shopper TV

I will start with a new project: Your personal shopper TV through my own channel on YouTube. I offer people a Metamorphosis in my own studio. Not only with clothing. There is also a makeup artist. She shows what you can achieve with makeup. Also, people can sign up to be my next model.
I also want to make videos with tips. For example, what do you take when you go for a business trip on the road (with a small suitcase). I show that for example the jacket I wear today (by Rika) one also can wear as a dress.

Personal shopper Marjon Sars Go-for-it-girls| MisjaB.nl

Tips for every body shape

I will give tips how you can dress the best at the body you have. This applies to all types no matter what body shape you have: an apple, pear, rectangle or hourglass.
The trends of each season are discussed as well and all sorts of other issues women have questions about. The makeup artist will give tips on new products, how to use certain products and which are the best for your skin.

Personal shopper Marjon Sars Go-for-it-girls| MisjaB.nl
This leather culotte is by Malene Birger. The bag is Martin Margiela, sunglasses by Zara and my boots….I really don’t remember what brand it is. As you can see, I love to combine different brands. This is the way to create your own style. You do not have to wear only expensive clothes to get a good combination. Sometimes I contribute this culotte to a lace blouse from Zara from € 29.

Style icon

I am so thrilled by Iris Apfel, she is an example to all of us. A few years ago, older women were also asked for shows on the catwalk, but that idea seems a bit blown over. But probably it will be taken up again. Anyway, I think it’s important that we, getting a little bit older, continue looking good.
So go for it, girls!

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’

One of my favroite quotes by Yves Saint Laurent is : ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’.

Personal shopper Marjon Sars Go-for-it-girls| MisjaB.nl

Marjon’s golden tip

Wear sunglasses or a frame with dark glasses and the wrinkles around your eyes are gone!


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