Fits like a glove


Matti Berglund (1961): “Ik was born in Norway. Most of my grown up life I lived in Santa Barbara in the USA. I studied BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) at University of Denver in Colorado. Then I lived a couple of years in Sweden. Currently, I live in Copenhagen. It’s a nice city, it is part of Europe. It’s bigger than Oslo and yet everything is reachable by bike or on foot. part of Europe. It’s bigger than Oslo and yet  I work from a studio in the center. So, Copenhagen is in many ways for me a perfect city to live and workin. The city fits me like a glove.

My preference for black


I usually wear black clothes. I really like black, also because it is easy. After all, it all fits together. The Missoni coat I wear today is perfect to combine with black. Because of its colors, it makes me feel happy. And my outfit becomes at the same time a little more ‘edgy’. Danish women are generally well dressed. It must be practical, especially here in Copenhagen, because they need to cycle. But it seems they have an eye for it.




The front of this bag, I once bought in a second-hand shop in Colorado. It’s nice to think about that someone undoubtedly has been very busy to make it. The linen bag I found at a flea market in France. At the back my initials: MB are embroidered.So I had to buy it. I sewed the ‘art work’ of Colorado on it myself. I think it’s a perfect combination.