On the streets, you can see many men in ordinary suits. In grey, blue or pinstripes. Perfect suits and appropriate for many occasions. But I mean men in exclusive suits. I don’t see them that often. But fortunately, there are exceptions.

From Firenze in Amsterdam

Mannin in bijzondere pakken |
Patrick de Muynck, I saw him at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Patrick is born in Belgium, nowadays he lives in Firenze. He works as a Head of Design department of Polimoda, an international institute for Fashion Design & Marketing. Patrick studied at Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen. 

From Japan in Paris

Shinichiro Koba lives in Tokyo, I met him in Paris. He’s wearing a suit with matching shoes by Itu. He invited me to lunch when I’m in Tokyo one day to visit the Fashion Week. Great idea, maybe…


mannen in bijzondere pakken |
Frans Ankon√© from Amsterdam. He’s wearing a suit he bought at Tommy Page in Amsterdam, a vintage shop specialized in menswear. Frans: “My style has not really changed over the years. Style to me is wearing what you like the most, reflecting your personal vision.”

The Hague
Ton of Holland, is an artist and teacher of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. Ton has also taught at the Fashion Academy in The Hague, Department of Textile and Fashion. The suit he wears is by of one of his favorite designers: Walter van Beirendonck. The waistcoat is by Moschino. The shoes are by Dr. Martens. Ton’s tip: “If you buy something, buy something that you like yourself.”

In September I’m going to Milan, in order to visit the Milan Fashion Week. I hope to see a lot of distinguished Italian men in special suits.

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