by: MisjaB

New or second-hand

I love second-hand clothes, but not huge second-hand stores. For example, a store where you can buy clothes by the kilo. There is too much stuff, I can’t choose. Actually, I give up the moment I enter. The same happens to me in a large store where new clothes are sold. The store should not be overloaded; it gives me ‘choice stress’. And this spoils my fun. That is why I thrive better in smaller stores, where I can oversee the goods. I like second-hand and vintage shopping because the shop window doesn’t show you the brands they have in store at that moment. It’s always exciting what you will find. And best of all, sometimes you can discover great finds for far less than the original price. Here are a few second-hand toppers from my closet.

Mijn beste tweedehands aankopen

Just in time

The blouse on this photo I found at my favorite second-hand shop in Antwerp: Rosier 41. I tried on a few things, but there was nothing I wanted to buy. About leaving, my eye fell on a mannequin wearing this blouse. It seemed to fit me perfectly. The colors are easy to combine, with black for example and at home, I saw that it was also a nice combination with these pants. Both by Dries van Noten. The blouse is really an asset, I am very happy with it. I bought the pants at Kolifleur. Unfortunately, a store that no longer exists, but they are planning to open pop-up stores ones in a while during weekends.

Mijn beste tweedehands aankopen


Vintage curators

For quite some time Haarlem has an exceptional second-hand store: Vintage Curators. It’s dangerous for me to enter this store. Nine times out of ten I see something that I would like to have, like this sweater. It was still summer, but I was immediately charmed by both the colors and the model. I really like a neckline that is just slightly wide. It is a simple model with a small zipper fixed in the turtleneck. And since I want to wear more colors it’s a perfect buy, which also combines well with many other things. The brooch is also new, purchased at Essentiel.



Seeing me on this picture, you would not say it, but I am really very happy with this black sleeveless jacket by Dries van Noten. This is one of my best! It was my first purchase ever at an auction. A few years ago the fashion collection of Joke Veeze, former director of the Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam was auctioned at the Academy. Unfortunate Joke passed away. She was an avid fashion lover and over the years she gathered a beautiful collection with lots of items by famous designers, such as Chanel, Issey Miyake, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Dries van Noten. The proceeds from this auction were used to support and stimulate talented fashion students from the Vogue Academy. The polka dot turtleneck top I wear, I found in the de Clederij in Naarden. A nice address, with second-hand clothing, which they describe as: ‘as good as new’.

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