MisjaB gaat voor kleur: de 7 meest kleurrijke outfits


Since a while, I have an account on Instagram. A platform for image lovers, in a variety of areas: fashion, nature, cars, animals, food, but also (clothing) style. So far I have more than 5.000 followers, from home and abroad. It provides a lot of nice contacts and inspiration. For me, it’s a way to show my own style. These are my 6 most colorful outfits so far, posted on Instagram.

 MisjaB durft voor kleur te kiezen

At Vintage Curators in Haarlem, I saw this dress. I think the color is very beautiful, but the model is not quite my style.


For years, I mostly wore dark colors, think blue and black. Always a bit basic, usually only with a striking ring as an eye-catcher. I remember my first trip to fashion week in Paris a few years ago. I filled my suitcase with black and dark gray clothes and a single (colored) scarf. Of course, I could mix and match everything. That was nifty, but not very exciting. The idea behind it was: ‘I’m just the photographer’. At the same time, I appreciate and take a great pleasure in watching and photographing people who dare to show themselves through their clothes. And brighten up the street style.

MisjaB gaat voor kleur: de 7 meest kleurrijke outfits van Instagram

A second-hand blouse bought at Vintage Curator. The pattern reminds me of the fabrics of Marimekko. Trousers by Dries van Noten.

Time for a change

Color and style consultant Greet Moens recently gave me the best advice to my new colorful phase. She visited me at home to take a professional look at my wardrobe. According to Greet, it is very important to add some color to your wardrobe. Greet: “Wearing colors gives you a wonderful look, besides that every organ needs color to work well. That will make you mentally stronger as well. All the colors around you are needed to create a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

MisjaB gaat voor kleur: de 7 meest kleurrijke outfits

This blouse by Paul Smith I exchanged with one of my daughters. She has got a long black blouse of mine and I have this colorful copy. We are both happy with it!

MisjaB gaat voor kleur: de 7 meest kleurrijke outfits

Color seeking color

The most pronounced piece is my wardrobe by far is this bright pink Tara Jarmon jacket that I recently bought at Carla Fashion. The inside of the jacket is finished with a mustard yellow bias. When I saw these mustard yellow pants on sale at Scotch & Soda, I immediately knew this was just the supplement that I could use properly. The necklace by Essentiel has so many colors it fits many outfits. Like this dark green shirt.

MisjaB gaat voor kleur: de 7 meest kleurrijke outfits

This is my most colorful outfit: the striped trousers by Dries van Noten I bought (second hand) last winter. And of course my orange Vagabond sneakers. I’m not only feeling very comfortable wearing more colors, I often get compliments. I’m totally inspired. Apparently, the time was right for a change! Do you recognize that?

MisjaB gaat voor kleur: de 7 meest kleurrijke outfits


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