You may have noticed (I actually hope so) that I haven’t posted so many new posts on my blog lately, my apologies. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but in recent months I have been working hard on a book. A book about style that I make at the request of publisher Unieboek | Het Spectrum and recently I signed the contract.

Oog voor Stijl ~ Eye for Style

It is a very new and therefore exciting project to work on. The title is Oog voor Stijl. It’s a little bit difficult to translate. (Anyone a better suggestion, please let me know!) It means one has an eye to recognize the style and at the same time my camera is ‘the eye’. It is the same title that I have been using for years as a subtitle for my blog. The publication date is now known: October 23, 2019. There are not that many Dutch-language books about style, certainly not for elderly women (and men). What I generally miss in style books are photos. I do not only want to be inspired by the text, but also by means of images. This is, therefore, a book with many interviews. With experienced experts in the field of style, but also with various professionals. With many tips, addresses, and many photos. I have been on the road throughout the country: from Oudehaske, Meppel, ‘s Hertogenbosch to Rotterdam. But Antwerp in Belgium was also on the program and a lightning visit to Paris.


The cover is ready, the designer is currently working hard on the inside. So we still have to be patient, but enthusiasts can already sign up for a copy at or Bruna. Unfortunately, it is not (yet) translated into English, but I hope the photos will inspire you!