Foto model voor een

Model for one day

Saskia Botman(1965) is a freelance communication professional and lives in Amsterdam. For Carla, a boutique in Amsterdam, she is one day a model for the new collection. She arrives in jeans and T-shirt. Saskia: “This is my Saturday look. A perfect outfit to go shopping and go outside with my dog.” Under the sleeve of her T-shirt, I see the beginning of a tattoo.

Foto model voor een


As far as I know Saskia is the first on my blog with a tattoo. It seems so painful to me, when I look at it, I already feel a sting in my belly. On the other hand, this is my opportunity to ask how it works. Saskia: “I selected a drawing myself, which is, on a kind of tracing paper, redrawn. This paper is put on your skin and then the real work begins. The first two minutes it is hell, then you get used to it. It takes hours before it is ready.  The colors were initially brighter, over time they faded. Soon I will have flowers on lower edge as well and the colors will be updated.”

Foto model voor een


The dress Saskia is wearing for the photo is by Isabel de Pedro, the shoes are from her own collection. Saskia: “When I have to work, I prefer to wear dresses, my favorite brands are FilippaK and Marc Aurel. I am fortunate because I don’t have to do anything in order to stay slim. But there are a few drawbacks as well: most of the time new dresses must be modified and I’m always feeling cold. My hair is for the picture styled by Marjolein Duermeijer and Marion Buffing has done my make up. Because my hair is quite thin, it remains pretty as it is loose during about five minutes. Wearing this dress and high heels it reminds me of a statement of my mother: ‘ …. but you can be a lady.”

Foto model voor een

Foto model voor een Foto model voor een

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