moeder & dochter zijn nu ook collega's


Renée Dolman (1940) is not only the mother but since two years also one of the colleagues of daughter Irma van Os-Dolman (1964). Irma: “Since a few years I work for second-hand and vintage women’s clothing store Swits in Gorssel. Because it became increasingly busy my boss was looking for extra help. My mother is now jumping in, in front and behind the scenes. Working together is a great new experience for both of us”.

Moeder & dochter zijn ook collega's


Irma: “My mother is very creative, she always made a lot of clothes herself. Besides that, she designed and made hats for more than 10 years. As a child, she always advised to show my own style in clothing. To make my own choices instead of following the crowd. That’s why it’s so special that we can share our interest this way.”

moeder & dochter zijn nu ook collega's

Stay busy

Renée: “I’m a lucky woman. I enjoy working with my daughter, but also with the other colleagues. It’s great to stay so busy at my age. Especially with clothes, always been our shared interest. At Swits it’s every day a surprise to see which beautiful clothes will be offered. ”

It’s nice to see this mother and daughter working together, it makes me a little jealous. But I hope they can enjoy it for a very long time!