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Monique’s style

Monique van Dalen (1958) lives in Delft. I met her on the Empowerment event from Kijk Haar (Look at her) a foundation who offers courses to 50+ women who are looking for a new job. In order to be able to present themselves stronger in the labor market. Monique assists this day as a volunteer of Kijk Haar. She stands out: a tough lady, with a chic look exactly as she describes her style herself: cool sober and chic.

Mijn stijl | MisjaB.nl

How did your style evolve?

Monique: “I have worked for years at the ANWB as a press officer. On my fortieth, I made a career switch. Together with a friend, we started a shop in second-hand clothes and new jewelry. Last summer, after more than 17 years, we stopped. It was time for something new. I really like to be on lifestyle markets in order to sell nice, separate jewelry and silk scarves, which I buy elsewhere, even from abroad. I didn’t inherit to be stylish. Over the years I developed my own style. In the time of the ANWB, I just wore a neat suit. But when you have your own shop, a kind of ‘candy store’, you develop a sense of fashion and various styles. During that time my style has evolved into what it is today: tough, sober and chic”.


Mijn stijl | MisjaB.nl

“I buy both, new and vintage, the combination makes it fun. I don’t like fabrics that feel terrible and mass production. I’m always looking for thrift stores in big cities. I must confess that I used to find more beautiful clothes in former days. It seems that nowadays women are much more aware of beautiful brands, so today prices are much higher. There are a few clothes that I find nice to have and to keep, like my leather skinny pants.”

Mijn Stijl | MisjaB.nl

“I bought my glasses at Eyelove. Complete only for €50″


Monique has beautiful gray, almost white hair. Monique: “From my 50th I don’t dye my hair any longer. My mother also has beautiful white hair and it suits her very well. I started dying when I was 15 years old. I’ve had all the colors and often went at Kinki hairdressers (for those who dare to stand out). I regularly get compliments and because it is trendy at the moment, including from young people. that’s a lot of fun. Young girls who ask me how I paint my hair. Funny, isn’t it?


Do you have a great tip? Monique: “A color analysis is important, especially when you’re getting older and the tone of your skin is changing. Wearing the right colors is so important. In Delft you can obtain this at De Blauwen Hont.

Mijn stijl | MisjaB.nl

My coat is by Y.A.S, sneakers by Oill Copenhagen, the do have nice prints. My bracelet I bought at Versteegh in Utrecht.

Below the ‘making of’ photos, made by Pieter van Stein, also a volunteer at Kijk Haar.


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