Chanel nailpolish 512 Mystique

For a very long time I polished every week my nails with a clear nail polish.
My nails looked very well for at least seven days so I was satisfied with it.

Until the day one of my daughters gave me a Chanel nail polish in a smashing deep red!
Since than most of the time I polish my nails with different colors,
using only a base coat seems a little bit bald.
I usually don’t dress up in many colors, so for me the colored polish is the finishing touch
of my outfit. Chanel

Occasionally I buy myself a new color, most of the time it’s a Chanel. Because I don’t
want to search in all the other, undoubtedly, good brands. And I really like the Chanel colors.

My newest color

My newest is Chanel Mythique 512, one of the new products called ‘Le vernis’.
This color is a little bit dark, between brown and aubergine.
Really magnifique!

mb2ChanelIMG_1193 Chanel 512