“…you either love ’em or hate ’em..” ~ Julia Robson
In Paris, around 1890, cancan dancers where the first to wear fishnet stockings.

mb-IMG_9729In the fifties and sixties Marlene Dietrich and
Marilyn Monroe were both…fishnet adepts.
Twiggy followed, she preferred white net stockings.

Twiggy fishnet stockingsPractitioners of goth and punk fashion wore fishnets on legs and arms.
Madonna wore black ones in ‘Who’s that girl’ in 1987.
And she still does, nowadays often with a high-necked dress,
almost demure.mb-IMG_9647Last year I bought my first fishnets at a Wolford shop.
I doubted whether I could still wear them, because of my age.
But the saleswoman convinced me to do so. (shoes FlyLondon)
mb-IMG_9716At Mail Online I read an article by fashion journalist Julia Robson:
“Fishnets are like Marmite, you either love ’em or hate ’em. But
forget their past association with strip shows and you’ll find there’s
much more to this style”. (shoes: Vagabond)

So I do wear fishnets, despite my age. For me fishnets are an excellent way
to make my casual outfits look more unique and elegant.
I don’t wear fishnets with classic pumps or thigh high boots.
I think it is very important to wear them properly not to look vulgar.
mb-MG_9730Just a tip: fishnets have a very slimming effect on your legs!