nieuwe mode aanwinst in Bloemendaal: Kasim

In Bloemendaal

When I saw this beautiful and daring green combination in the shop window, I became curious and I really had to go inside. I had never been there before and had no idea about the collection. Inside a man dressed in a special combination greeted me. He was wearing a velvet jacket with matching waistcoat and checkered pants. It turned out to be the owner, Kasim.

Fashion Designer

Kasim (1961) owns the store and designs the clothes. Kasim: “After my training at the Academy Charles Montagne I started working as a buyer and window dresser, and on my 26th birthday I became independent. My designs can be described as classic chic with a twist. I love quality and luxurious fabrics, such as silk (made from the wool of baby llama) and cashmere. I have a good feeling for colour combinations; I often let myself be inspired by flowers, like colourful dahlias for example. My generation has an eye for the technical aspects of designing. I notice that young designers pay less attention to this aspect. I also make tailor-made designs, bridal gowns for example. Of course there is a price tag on these outfits. In our own workshop, our tailor can make everything made- to- measure.”


“Like my wife, I was born in Turkey. I live in the Netherlands from the age of 11. Fortunately, my father chose to live in a neighborhood between Dutch-speaking families, which meant that we quickly picked up the language. My father also thought it was important for his children to study and we were free to choose whatever study we wanted. Our children are born and rooted here, but still, I always feel a little homesick for Turkey and I go there regularly. Who knows, I might even go and live there again … ”

Queen Maxima

“We also sell clothes for men, and for them, I also like to use beautiful fabrics such as velvet and cashmere. I like to wear velvet jackets, especially at the end of the year, during the festive days. And I love accessories such as chokers and shawls. Many of my (foreign) customers are very loyal, and yes, I would love to make a dress for Queen Maxima. I think I would make a creation in emerald green or Bordeaux red. ”

Kasim, Bloemendaalseweg in Bloemendaal