Ontmoeting in Málaga: Mis Papelicos


For a while, I’ve been following on Instagram Mis Papelicos from Málaga. So when I made plans with Mr. B for a trip to this city, a meeting with this colorful and pronounced lady was on my wish list. What a great opportunity to meet her in her hometown. She turns out to be as colorful as her photos. She is called Sacramento, the name Mis Papelicos is because being a child she cut out fashion photos from magazines to paste in little notebooks.

Ontmoeting in Málaga: Mis Papelicos


Mis Papelicos (1950): “I was born in Jaén (Spain), lived and worked in England for some years and moved back to Málaga some years ago. I have worked as a teacher and I’ve always been interested in fashion. In my opinion ‘in fashion’ is whatever suits you, and makes you wonderful. I enjoy making new combinations, such as different patterns, which ultimately seem to fit well together. I do not like regulars and think that all colors, just like in nature, go very well together. Hence this pink dress and yellow shoes.”

“I dress always for myself. I look in the mirror, to see if I’m happy about the result. If so, I can go outside. Who knows, maybe I can inspire people I meet, just as I get inspired by people who dare to distinguish. I usually buy second-hand and vintage clothes and give them a custom turn. This vest I bought a long time ago in America in a flea market. I added a bow and brooch.”


“This haircut is spontaneously created. When I woke up one morning, I saw in the mirror that there was a kind of curl in my head. It was funny and I liked it. In consultation with my hairdresser, we developed this model. She cuts and curls it, it lasts two weeks.”

Like Mother like daughter

Rebecca, one of the two daughters of Mis Papelicos, recently opened her own second-hand clothing store: Mathius marvelous shop. It’s not a regular second-hand store. Most of the clothes you find here have been modified by Rebecca. Therefore the prominent place in the shop for the sewing machine. It’s a so-called ‘Upcycling shop’.

Love for fashion (and each other) is what they share. They inspire each other enormously and also like to travel together. For example, to Fashion Weeks in cities like Milan and New York. Many of the clothes that Mis Papelicos wears on the pictures on Instagram and her blog appear to be made by Rebecca.

On overalls she applied beads and rhinestones, making it a real creation. She applies flowers or floral fabric to existing coats. You’ll find in this shop very surprising and unique clothing. And everything very reasonably priced. I’m happy with the home-made blouse I bought from her. I’m sorry that I did not buy one of the brooches. But an online shop is coming soon, so maybe I can order one.