Elegant op straat in Kopenhagen | MisjaB.nl


This lady, Jytte Knudsen (1942) I met last June when I visited Copenhagen. She walked in downtown area, along with her son. The first thing that struck me was her hat. And that she still walked very elegantly on a square with cobblestones, while wearing sandals.

Elegant op straat in Kopenhagen | MisjaB.nl

I enjoy my life

Jytte: “I love clothes, but at the same time it is not that important to me. I like accessories, like this hat. the outfit I chose today because of the weather, not too… hot day, no real summer day. the jacket and the shirt I’m wearing are Samsøe & Samsøe. ” (A Scandinavian brand). About my age, I do not like getting older, but I still enjoy. Like today, together with my son! ”

Elegant op straat in Kopenhagen | MisjaB.nl


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