of MisjaB in Haarlem….

For some years I buy more and more vintage clothes. But to be honest, I’m always looking in my own (safe) style.
So I decided to ask Saskia of Pompadour vintage for a vintage styling.


Saskia arrives with two suitcases including dresses, shoes and accessories.
We choose this classy ‘robe-manteau’….


… classy brown sixties dress and coat combination, I wouldn’t have chosen this color
myself, but it suits me.
I have to admit that I feel very elegant in this dress, as you can see.
Maybe I’m looking even a bit arrogant.
To give the outfit a bit of an edge Saskia combined it with seventies platform shoes.

mb_Pompadour vintageAccording to Saskia my hair needs also a ‘Pompadour’ styling, she’s right!


The rhinestone necklace and glittery earrings are making the finishing touch.

It was quite an experience. As you can see, we both enjoyed it very much.

Are you in for a pop-up styling too? Don’t hesitate to contact Saskia at

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I’m curious: what do you think ?

Photos by Gaston Wals and Bart