Voorproefje boek Oog voor Stijl in Zin Magazine

Preview Oog voor Stijl

Zin magazine has already announced my book Oog voor Stijl (perhaps best translated as Eye for Style) in the August issue. Because I like to have that privilege to the loyal followers of my blog as well, hereby a copy. I feel very sorry for my English speaking followers, it’s not translated (yet). I hope there will be a publisher who wants to publish it in the English language. So does anyone of you have a suggestion?

It is a part of the chapter How to make combinations. Marja Koppen, who runs together with her husband Brasserie De Joffers in Amsterdam, explains how she makes new combinations. In the book, she shows us on the basis of two different outfits.

Voorproefje boek Oog voor Stijl in Zin Magazine

Voorproefje boek Oog voor Stijl in Zin Magazine

Zin event

Zin editors organized a style event for subscribers on October 24th, the day after the launch party of the book. At the event, I will tell Zin readers all about my work and share tips & tricks about styling. I’m looking forward to!


The book is now completely finished. In recent weeks designer, Joyce Zethof has been working hard on it. The cover is now final, this is how the book will be available in the store. I think Joyce has made a beautiful design out of it. Do you agree? Together with editors of publisher Unieboek | Het Spectrum we have put the final touches on the book. Last week It was sent to the printer. Now we have to wait patiently because the printing process naturally also takes some time.

Voorproefje boek Oog voor Stijl in Zin Magazine

Oog voor Stijl will be published on October 23d at
Unieboek | Het Spectrum
ISBN 978 90 00 36899 0
€ 24,99

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