Renée van den Berg Tap


Renée van den Berg Tap (1946) work is clothing consultant, her company is called Ambition & Fashion. You can contact her for restyling of your personal and/or business wardrobe. Or for advice how to dress for a special occasion, like a wedding, gala or other festive occasions. Renee van den Berg Tap |


Renée: “Getting older I want to keep on working, that’s my ambition. I probably wouldn’t be a kind woman if I could work no longer. Besides, it means I can spend more money. Recently I was asked for a new job as a stylist/clothing consultant at a big company. If there’s anything new in my path that is interesting, I pick it up.  Finally, you have to hang the garlands your own. This is the way I hope getting older.”

Renée van den Berg Tap |


“Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone, not only for your work, also for clothing. Don’t think you are quickly overdressed. Create surprising combinations. Or contrasts in color may be surprising just like combinations with different materials and textures. Think of silk and leather or a silk skirt with a simple sweater. I always recommend buying something only if it looks good. Something that looks cheap, you should not buy. By the way, the brand is not important. ”

Renee van den Berg Tap |

“When I saw this green jacket, I immediately wanted to buy it. The brand is Harris Wharf London. Jeans by JBrand, both bought at Pauw.”

“These schoes are by Gucci, bag by Delvaux. These bracelets I bought in India, My earrings I bought at Lyppens in Amsterdam.”

Renee van den Berg Tap |

“I always use Mac Ruby Woo lipstick, together with Superstay 24 color van Maybelline. It’s a very good combination!”


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