Revival of the trenchcoat

Actually, this classic never really has gone. Occasionally new variants show up. A few years ago shops were covered with short models. During Fashion Week in Amsterdam, I saw a lot of women wearing a trench coat. Because of the showery weather I suppose. But not the padded ones, but the summer version. With or without a collar, but not very short. And in all colors.

In the July / August issue of Vogue I read different designers have given again a new twist to the trench coat. Alexander Wang and Valentino have adorned the jacket with studs. Lanvin gave the coat color, applying black and yellow.
Burberry, the origin of this coat, designed even a cape model with a fur collar. This coat will be in stores this fall.

Waste not, want not….

Therefore, time to get my trenchcoat out of the closet. Although mine isn’t a Burberry, but a model of Maura. I bought it years ago at Claudia Sträter and I have worn it a lot. But my trench hung for more than four years in a bag, waiting for better times. This is the moment, I like the color (dark gray) and the coat still fits. So: waste not, want not…


Do you also have a trench somewhere in the closet? If not, that’s no problem. In thrift stores, you often can find very beautiful specimens for little money. Even Burberry’s! The advantage of a wet summer is that we do not have to wait until the fall to put on this jacket. Anyway, I’m going to wear it now!

Shirt: by Zenggi
shoes: by Vagabond
ring: H&M
glasses: by Francis Klein
trousers: by Hope


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