By coincidence I ran into Ron in Rotterdam. Such a style icon you pick out a crowd, even on a busy Saturday…

It’s so nice to encounter an ‘old’ known. Ron is someone who always set time aside to be photographed!
This is his new summer outfit. The jacket is from Denham, he wears a Brixton hat, shoes from Zara blouse from Weekday.

This is Ron in a completely different outfit, with almost the same bag, for my column in Zin. It was in January 2013, a rainy day, but near the NAI in Rotterdam we found this beautiful passage. The rain problem was solved immediately. It’s still one of my favorite photos.

Ron certainly has an eye for detail. Of course, with appropriate bicycle, Ron appears at the start of the first Tweed Ride in Rotterdam in April 2013.

He’s in good company during the Tweed Ride in September 2013. Again, such a beautifully chosen outfit, with great attention to every detail.

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