by: MisjaB

Ladies in red

The reason was the man I recently photographed during the costume sale of the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam. He proudly showed his new red coat. One of my followers, Annemieke Elling, responded and said how much fun it would be to see more people in red on the street. Valentine’s Day was a great opportunity to place a call: “Do you also like to wear red, send a photo and tell me why.” Below you can see the photos and reactions of the ‘ladies in red’.

Annemieke Elling

Rood, de lievelingskleur van deze vrouwen Annemieke Elling

Annemieke: “How nice Misja, your call to go for the red and to show that. I did not even tack myself until recently. Also, think that this has something to do with a kind of self-awareness, ‘I am here, 62 and proud of that.’ And what is more appropriate than to give this rose out on Valentine’s Day. For the upcoming, slightly milder temperatures, I have already bought a woolen, simple in-between coat in a beautiful warm cerise red, so from the moment I said: I want more RED on the street, in response to your proud man at the Costume Sales, I am eager to appear in. (Flu makes me unsuitable for a photo moment right now)”.

Cora Hänschen

Rood, de lievelingskleur van deze vrouwen

Cora: “Hello Misja, my name is Cora Hänschen and I am 60. I wear red after years of black (the safe color). I always thought red a beautiful color but especially with someone else. Recently I decided to go for red and color, and I love it!”

Astrid Ottes

Rood, de lievelingskleur van deze vrouwen

When I asked whether red has always been her favorite color, Astrid replied: “No, actually not, I did not have a favorite color at all. But as I got older (and divorced), I noticed that red is fantastic and I also feel energetic wearing red clothes. Recently I walked through the city when a woman came across the square, she looked at me from head to toe and said: ‘Good!’ You’ll understand that she made my day!”.

Hanneke Eggels

Rood, de lievelingskleur van deze vrouwen

Hanneke Eggels is a poet, her poetry has been translated into several languages. Hanneke: “I have a couple of (4) red dresses in various models (by Cora Kemperman) for summer and winter. When I’m invited to give a presentation or lecture I always wear red. My heart friend Wiesje Grapperhaus always presses my heart if I have to do something exciting: “Think of your red dress ….”. I’m often inspired by your photo shoots Misja, when combining bold colors. I watch it regularly and then dive into my closet making a new combination/variation. You really provide a need for EOA (enterprising old artist).”

Marreke Prins

Rood, de lievelingskleur van deze vrouwen

Marreke is a collector. And a real lover of colors, not only in terms of clothing but also in her interior. Marreke about the color of red: “I like to wear it around Christmas, and of course I combine it with greenery and rhinestones or pearls. Even when there is snow I have to go outside in a bright red coat with red gloves, a beret and scarf. Red-white stripes are also my favorite in summer to go to the beach, combined with a blue-and-white striped bathing bag, with a cobalt blue towel. I hardly can’t wait … “.

Anne Bosch-vander Graaf

Rood, de lievelingskleur van deze vrouwen

I met Anne a while ago in Arnhem. She was dressed in a navy look with a red beret. She told me about the red ‘knotted sweater’ she wears on this photo, won by a Libelle (magazine) action. Anne: “I really prefer red in the last few years, it’s a nice and striking color. Even the Queen of England wears red or bright yellow or bright green. When I wear red, people always react positively and I always get compliments. I have a self-knitted red dress! I also like yellow and royal blue. Also, I have a nice self-knitted cardigan, made of mohair wool. Also apple green is one of my favorite colors, I also have a self-knitted mohair “Bernadette” cardigan. Thinking about it I wear a lot more bright colors nowadays, but to be honest  white or wool white are my biggest favorites, both during summer and winter.”

Greet Moens

Greet Moens is a beauty coach and runs her own company: Become who you are. Greet gives advice (also at home) to get more benefits from your wardrobe. A while ago she adviced and encouraged me to wear some more color. You can also be inspired by following Greet on Instagram.

Greet: “Red is the color of passion and energy, works well if you feel tired, for example. But if you are exhausted, be careful wearing too much red. It is also the color of dynamics (think of red fast cars), but redcan also be aggressive (red lap on a bull). As a speaker, a single accent in red (your glasses for example) is enough to hold the attention of your audience. The combination with pink or purple makes it softer, as you can see in these photos’ … “.

Ladies in red: many thanks for sending your photos and reactions.