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some more snapshots from Amsterdam

Recently I attended two different fairs: Sieraad Art Fair on the Westergasterrein. And the art fair  PAN, both in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the weather was not great, at least not for taking pictures outside. I managed to make a few more snapshots.


nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam

Here you see Cor de Graag from Rotterdam. When I arrived I was just in time to photograph Cor and his girlfriend Sandra. They had already admired all the art. Cor is the owner of Trendy Rotterdam and he is working on a website about ‘trendy’ Rotterdam.  We expect more news about this early next year and agreed that when he’s ready I will come to Rotterdam so he can tell me all about it. One thing is certain: Cor has a striking dress style.

nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam

During the Jewelry Art Fair, I photographed Emmy Huijben (1955). Her glasses are by  Michel Henau, unfortunately, Emmy does not know who made her jewelry.

nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam

Emmy: “I bought these shoes in Lisbon, the label is called Eureka. They have a great fit and are excellent for walking! You can buy them online.” nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam

Babs Haenen

nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam

Babs Haenen (1948) worked for 19 years as a teacher at the Ceramics Department of the Rietveld Academy. She still works as a ceramist. Next year there will be a solo exhibition in New York is on the program. Her work will be on show at Galerie Hostler Burrows. Babs: “I’m a real redhead, I only have to treat it a little bit ones in a while. As far as my clothes are concerned, I love color combinations as well. The cardigan is by Paul Smith, the skirt is by a French designer, whose name I have forgotten.” (I’m guessing that the skirt is from the label La Fee Maraboutée.)

nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam

“My brooch is designed by Chris Steenbergen“.

nog meer snelle kiekjes uit Amsterdam


snelle kiekjes in Amsterdam

This is Gallery owner and jewelry designer Paul Derrez, he crossed my way in the streets of Amsterdam. His necklace is his own design.


You will find pictures of Sieraad Amsterdam here.



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