There is not always (much) time to socialize with people I meet on the street. Whether they are busy or I am in a hurry. But most of the time there is time for a snapshot. Of outstanding men or women, because of their glasses, cute shoes or a special detail in their clothing. Or because they simply have a good look. These fast snapshots I all made on the streets of Amsterdam.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Amsterdam

This lady I met just before Wini, a secondhand clothing store in the Haarlemmerstraat. It’s Yvon Ruiter and she told me she bought the frame at the Noordermarkt. It is manufactured in Italy. The glasses are unique because there are only ever made two.

Snelle kiekjes in Amsterdam op straat

This gentleman is called Henri Blim. Enjoying his coffee outside the Coffee Company, in the Haarlemmerstraat. His frame matches lovely with his hair.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Amsterdam

This lady I ran up to in the Haarlemmerstraat as well. I photographed her because of the combination of the cool jacket with the skirt.

Isabelle then & now

In 2011 I photographed Isabelle Krijger for the first time (left) at the Lindengracht. A while ago I met her again by chance at the Leidsestraat. Wearing this remarkable ‘fur’ coat. Isabelle is 78 years old by now. This pink bike is just decoration, Isabelle walks through the city.

Mark Pierce

This gentleman not only stands out for his glasses and well-groomed beard plus mustache. He’s also wearing a nice jacket. Mark: “This jacket was a little boring, so I got myself a few red accents added at the board and at the bottom of the sleeve. Glasses by Kirk.

Mirjam Boon

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Amsterdam

This snapshot of Mirjam I took in the Westerstraat. She shows courage in her choice of clothing, she combines several shades of blue and motifs. And adds quite a different color of shoes. Mark the turquoise heels.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Amsterdam

Sober and elegant, a striped sweater is always a good idea. The striking bag is the eyecatcher of this outfit.

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