Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga

Nice to take photos for my blog ‘when in Málaga. It is unfortunately not the warm spring weather I was hoping for. It is sunny, but the wind is cold, which of course also affects the clothes of the people on the street. I noticed this lady because of her cute glasses, flared jeans and green coat.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |


Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |

This lady with her large hat is the type of women that you see a lot in Spain.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |

One of the few mornings it was really nice and warm, I saw this sunny dressed lady, also in clothing entirely appropriate in this city.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |

Both ladies wearing a nice hat and listening to a probably very interesting story….


Stylish in grey. That’s Málaga as well.



Tourists in Malaga are generally still the most lightly dressed these days during Spring. The residents are still wearing their coats, with or without fur collar. And their warm and comfortable shoes.


What struck me in Málaga were the many female employees in the Parks Department and women who gave a new lick of paint to municipal benches. This portrait I made of one of the street sweepers. Before start working her make-up is important to her.


Pablo Picaaso was born in Málaga, therfore the museum of Pablo Picasso is the most important one of Málaga. At the Plaza de la Merced is The Fundación Picasso. They manage the legacy of this legendary artist. At its entrance we took this picture.

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |

For me, the highlight of my visit to Málaga was the meeting with style blogger Mis Papelicos. We know each other through Instagram. A fantastic opportunity to meet this fashionista. She took me to the best wine bar in the city Antigua Casa de Guardia. For a lunch to La Taberna del Pintxo, the place to be for tapas. And to the special vintage shop of her daughter @Mathiusmarvelousshop. Of course, she told me all about her love for fashion. Soon more of this wonderful and kind woman on my blog and in the Dutch Zin magazine.

snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |

Snelle kiekjes op straat in Málaga |


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