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snelle kiekjes tijdens Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 2017


Last week Meesterlijk took place in Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek. An event where product designers, fashion designers, food designers and artisans share their passion for design and craftsmanship with the public during three days. The place where you can buy directly from the designers and artisans themselves. An impressions of designers and visitors

warm aangeklede industriele ruimtes van de Westergasfabriek

Meesterlijk is an initiative of Nicole Uniquole from The Hague (the lady in red). She’s active as a curator and organizer of (inter)national exhibitions in the area of Dutch design and fashion (historic and contemporary) for many years. Amongst previous events are Via Milano New Dutch Design and the large summer exhibition at the Oranienbaum Palace (near Berlin). Next to her Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme, designer of carpets. Since a few years, she also has her own jewelry line.

snelle kiekjes tijdens Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 2017

Friends, sharing their love for animal prints

Fellow blogger

On this picture artist Ans Markus and next to her (in red) fellow blogger Miriam, as known as A grey lady, with an attitude. Miriam writes (unfortunately only in Dutch)  about (applied) art, vintage and contemporary design, interior, travel, and architecture. In addition, she loves language very much, so she writes with great pleasure about these subjects. It is a fantastic blog if you want to stay informed about all kinds of events and exhibitions in this area. And if you do not have the opportunity to visit an exhibition or event,

snelle kiekjes tijdens Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 2017

Maya Meijer


Jewelry designer and gallery holder Paul Derrez is wearing his latest design. Silver balls strung together into this necklace, also separately available. You could, for example, also wear one or two as a jewel.

 Irina Claussnitzer, designer of hand printed silk scarves.

Margaret van Bekkum, one of the professionals at this fair, amidst part of her beautiful creations. Margaret: “How nice that you photograph the 50+ target group, I wish there would be a beautiful clothing line especially for this target group”.

visitor artist Nellie de Mulder

snelle kiekjes tijdens Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 2017

Artist Ans Markus showing a very special gold leather clutch by Goudatelier Van Soest. Gold leather is leather with a silver layer applied to it, lacquered with a golden yellow varnish.

Visitor Pien Scholten with one of her friends (lady in fake fur coat). Pien makes jewelry herself, like this bracelet of residual materials. Her necklace is a design by Carla Matos

snelle kiekjes tijdens Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 2017

Jewelry designer Birgit Laken, of course wearing one of her necklaces.

snelle kiekjes tijdens Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht 2017

 Harry de Groot. 



Finally couturier Frans Hoogendoorn together witht Nicole on the red carpet. Nicole’s wearing a skirt and blouse by LaDress especially selected for her by this couturier from The Hague.i

More information about all participants in Meesterlijk Design & Ambacht and their designs you can find here

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