Jewelery fair in Amsterdam

Some snap shots of the visitors of this fair. For instance from this lady with her new brooche.

Daniela Boni, lives in Turijn and in London. Daniela is a jewelry designer herself, on this photo with her new brooche by Christine Jalio, a designer from Finland. Her jacket is by Antik Batik from Paris, sunglasses by Moschino. 

Francine Heirbaut and her husband Eric, they are from Antwerp (Belgium). Francine bought a ring from the Italian designer Laura Volpi. Her striking red coat is by Ann Demeulemeester.

Tineke (1940) is wearing a wonderful cap. First,she didn’t want to pose for men but I persuaded her. I’m glad about her pictures. Her coat is by ML Collections, the cap by Bronté, necklace by Armani and her bag by Tommy Hilfiger.

Two friends: Joke wearing a coat by Max Mara and Trude a Burberry, both wearing beautiful jewelery.

Last but not least: one of the organizers of this Sieraad Art Fair: Isabella van den Bos. Isabella is wearing a great Coca-Cola ring, but also a striking necklace by Xenia Walschikow. It’s is one out of the  ‘wearable paint collection’ from this Russian designer.


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