9 questions about style to Monica Visser

Monica (1956) lives in Rotterdam and worked for several years in an art gallery. Now she is ‘in between jobs’ searching for a new challenge.



Do you have a style icon?
Jacky Kennedy was on top for a long time, but nowadays Victoria Beckham is joining her

Who is your favorite designer?
Alber Elbaz, he worked several years for Lanvin (from 2001 -2015)

How did your style arise?
From an early age, I went with my parents to antique fairs. My mother was a creative woman, my father worked as a photographer. I think I have inherited it from them.

What garment do you have the most in your closet?
I do have a lot of  dresses, like my today’s ‘tulip dress’ by Marni. But I think the shoes are winning. I think I have more than 80 pairs of shoes. These shoes are by Marc Jacobs

You’ll never see me in…
In a sweatsuit, I hate it. So you’ll never see me in that kind of clothing

Do you spend a lot of time on buying?
Yes, I love looking around. I enjoy it and it’s very relaxing. I also search and buy on the web.

Where you always succeed ?
I can always find something beautiful at Wendela van Dijk in Rotterdam. But also in markets or in a vintage shop. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find something special.

What was your last purchase?
Chanel reading glasses, with a gem. It’s a vintage copy and I bought it over the internet.

Do you have a great tip?
Yes, spent more time with yourself and spoil yourself with beautiful things

MonicaIMG_3695 Monica

Monica: “My today’s coat is a vintage one by Yves Saint Laurent, it’s a present from my foster mother. This bag is also vintage by Valentino and my ‘tulip’ dress is by Marni.

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