‘A striking jewel is important for a women’s look… it will become your lucky piece’
according to Diane von Fürstenberg (NRC newspaper 5-3-2016)

Mariël Ellens (1959) lives in Zutphen (a small and picturesque town in Holland):
“For me fashion is being creative in making new combinations.
My parents were owners of a mens fashion boutique, now and than I worked in it as well.
Being an adolescent I suggested not being interested in fashion, but at the other hand I loved
clothes of Mac&Maggie (a former Dutch fashion label for youngsters).
And at that time I already loved ‘statement’ jewelry, like necklaces.

mbdetail Mariel
This bracelet I bought at HelenaE, a local vintage shop. It’s an excellent example of humor:
‘golden’ paper in perspex suggesting richness.
Wearing it I’m telling that I’m fashionable (metallics), but on my own way.
The clutch is a new one, by &OtherStories the belt is part of a dress of Naja Lauf,
which I bought at the ‘second hand’ department of Mooi.
Skirt by Mangano, also bought in one of the vintage shops in Zutphen, called: Cameleon

You see, I’m a kind of walking billboard for vintage shops in Zutphen.
Many citizen of Zutphen are not very rich, nevertheless you can find a Gucci skirt or
a coat by Karl Lagerfeld here as well.

Asking me who is my style icon, maybe it is that person who can create a real personal style
without having much money to spend… “

Mariel made me very curious about all those fantastic (vintage) shops in Zutphen, I’m on my way….


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