Steven Oprinsen |

Visual artist

Steven Oprinsen (1961) lives in Amsterdam. Steven: “I am a visual artist for more than 20 years. Until about 5 years ago, I gave lectures in business as well. I see art as a kind of peacemaker. In museums people talk softly, they look at beautiful things, have no quarrels, talk about different experiences and have respect for the opinion of another person. Very different than in everyday life and in politics. Art can connect. I think it’s beautiful to look at people who are waiting for museums in long lines. How patient they are.”


From an early age, I was always creative. Besides drawing and painting, I also wrote poems, which incidentally I still do. My parents thought the most important thing for me was to finish school and get a diploma. That’s never been a motivation to me. As an artist, I can use my creativity, for me that’s the most important thing in life. I’m not getting rich, but I don’t need or want caviar every day. I like a peanut butter sandwich as well.”



“I love beautiful clothes, I always have. As a child, I sometimes dressed up three times a day. Just like Italians sometimes do. I enjoy watching beautifully dressed people, not only women. I love people who gave extra attention to their clothing. Especially to nice details. I still remember the hats my mother used to wear, they were very elegant. I personally like to wear little shawls, I also find it a nice detail just like my red shoes, of course. ”


Steven Oprinsen |


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