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mb Ans

Ans Wesseling, owner and designer at The Petsalon (‘Cap Salon’) has now been in business
for more than 20 years, specializing in all sorts of headwear for both men and women;
but the cap is the basis. Nowadays she doesn’t own a shop in the Jordaan
in Amsterdam anymore, she only runs a web shop and sells her designs at
special events like Meesterlijk, where we met.

“Most of my designs are functional: warm in winter, cool in summer, and wind-resistant.
So they are always comfortable, flattering and original.  This unique combination of style
and comfort is the reason an ‘Ans Wesseling’ can be easily recognized.
There is a new collection every season. My favorite material is leather;
for the colder seasons I work with fake or real fur and wool and
for warmer days with linen, silk and perforated leather.

All of our items are produced in our adjacent studio, so that – if necessary –
every item can be made to suit your personal specifications.
I refuse to believe people saying ‘hats and caps never suit me’.
On the contrary, I regard it as a challenge to adorn everybody’s head tastefully,
accentuating their personality.”

 This hat is special because of the cameo.
mbportret Ans


I do love hats and caps myself. Besides I need one when the weather turns bad in winter.
So I decided to buy this one, made of leather, so I can wear it also when it’s raining.
And because of the design, I can wear this cap in several different ways.