portret Misja


Thank you for stopping by on my blog!

My name is Misja Beijers (1952), I live in Haarlem (Holland). For my blog I take photos of women and men on the street, who are a slightly older. So I’m a streetstyle photographer.

In my opinion you don’t have to be eighteen to look fabulous and stylish, so that’s what I want to share with you on my blog.

For me it is very inspiring walking around a city and spotting those stylish and original people. Of course, I first ask them permission to take a photo which gives me the opportunity to get to know them a bit better during a pleasant talk. So people can tell me more about their clothes and style.

Walking around I often discover nice (little) shops, which I would also like to share. You can find the addresses under SHOPPING.

Besides this I have a photo column in Zin magazine. Every month I take a picture of a (fifty plus) woman or man on the street and interview her/him, in order to write a little, personal story.

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By the way, the glasses I wear in this picture are made by Cutler and Gross. I bought them at Azami in The Hague.