Straatfotografie in Haarlem: Makkie Mulder

We both live in Haarlem, but we have not met before in the city. We met before at the office when we both worked at Sanoma publishers. Until her retirement last year, she was editor-in-chief of culinary magazine Delicious.

Straatfotografie in Haarlem: Makkie Mulder

Several magazines

Makkie started her career as a fashion editor at Libelle, and became deputy editor in a few years. Then she became chief editor of different magazines: first from Knip Mode, then from VT Wonen and finally from Delicious and Home & Garden. So, she’s a real professional. Meeting up in Haarlem is a great opportunity to speak to her about her profession and about her interests in fashion and culture.

About clothing

“Looking good has nothing to do with money, it has to do with good taste, it’s about making the right combinations. I’ve never been an impulsive buyer, I think about it a long time before I buy something. The result is that I don’t get tired of it and that I often can make other combinations with it. I follow fashion, but I do not need to have everything. How much of a wardrobe does one really wear? I have special items in my wardrobe, such as a beautiful kimono and queenie heels. But I notice that I always opt for easy-fitting clothes. My conclusion: I do not get dressed like I deep down really want.”


Straatfotografie in Haarlem: Makkie Mulder

Comfort zone

“I like to stay up-to-date with fashion. I love (fashion) magazines with reports of beautiful designs from different fashion houses, such as Prada or the very feminine fashion of Victoria Beckham. I love everything that glows, but also follow Vogue Homme because of the beautiful men’s collections. Suits can also be very stylishly worn by women in combination with high heels and a nice scarf. And I love seal rings. Thes are from Mimi et Toi Jewelry. I enjoy all the beauty and yet I usually stay in my comfort zone for my own clothes.”

Straatfotografie in Haarlem: Makkie Mulder


“In addition to magazines, I like to be inspired by Instagram. There are several Instagrammers that I like to follow now, Petitepassport from Pauline Egge, about ‘design, hotspots & travel’. Barts boekje van Maartje Diepstraten, with nice tips about cities, restaurants, and trips she makes abroad. Concerning fashion: Cecilie Bahnsen because she makes such beautiful, very feminine clothing. Steve Mono for his beautiful men shoes. Rika Studios is a favorite because of the understated and masculine style, and last but not least Simone Rocha. ”

Happy in a museum

“When I was still working, I liked to go to museums in my free time. But always looking with the idea in my mind to be able to share it with readers in one way or another. These days I can enjoy it and don’t need to share it. In a few museums, I return often. Like Huis Marres in Maastricht, the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, the Picasso museum in Antibes, with a seaside view. And there are also new acquisitions in the Netherlands, such as LAM in Lisse, about food and art. There is so much to discover. After my retirement a big wish was fulfilled: I have lived in Paris in an apartment for 5 weeks. Husband, children, and friends came to stay, but I also had time to go on my own. Plenty of time to visit several museums. Because being in a museum makes me happy!”


“My days are not just filled with museums. I am currently working on a cookbook, a book with a collection of my favorite recipes from others. Very different recipes, from fish to special yogurt, and with my favorite addresses. It will be published in the fall of 2019 at the Nijgh & Van Ditmar publishing house.”

That makes me curious, Makkie already wants to share a couple of her favorite restaurants with us:

In Amsterdam:
Hotel De Goudfazant 
Bar Parry
In Haarlem: Café Martinus aan het Spaarne 94.

Coat and boots: Zara
Bag: Vanilia
Shawl: COS