street style uit Parijs, gefotografeerd in Amsterdam

Street style in Amsterdam: Jos Berry

Whether you see her in Paris or in Amsterdam, Jos is a striking appearance. A personality with a very personal style, a signature look. Because of her hairstyle, her glasses and certainly also because of her choice of clothing. I have previously photographed her in Paris, now she is in Amsterdam during a weekend we make pictures for Zin magazine.street style uit Parijs, gefotografeerd in Amsterdam


Jos Berry (1943) was born in the Netherlands. She is a trend watcher, specialized in lingerie and owner of styling agency Concepts Paris, she has been living in Paris for more than 30 years. She travels around the world for her work. She gives lectures and workshops, including in Asia, America, and London. A very busy and energetic lady. I ask how her ideal day looks like.

street style uit Parijs, gefotografeerd in Amsterdam


Jos: “Actually, most of my days are ideal. if I may choose, my day starts with coffee in bed while I check my mail. Then I cycle for 30 minutes on the exercise bike, a time I use for messages. and articles to read more extensively. What follows is communication with the office. Because of the time differences, I have contact with people all over the world throughout the day.
At the end of the afternoon, I read a book in a cafe while enjoying a glass of wine. In addition to cooking, I like baking cookies to relax. On my ideal day I even have time for that.”

Shopping new style

“I do not like shopping at all, but I’m curious and I like to collect all sorts of information. I think that’s why the new kind of shops that are currently being opened here and there are so interesting. Such as the new concept store from Gucci in New York: In an old authentic building – a former factory – they show what Gucci stands for.” Jos, in the meantime back in New York, explains from there: “The message of this store is: ‘Celebrate to be different’ The theme is ‘the future is fluid’, so away with the boundaries: gender fluidity, age fluidity, racial fluidity The main task of the personnel involved is to communicate that with the visitors. As does the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai, where customers are extensively informed about the culture of coffee, its flavors, and its burning. In short, everything that has to do with coffee.”

      street style uit Parijs, gefotografeerd in Amsterdam

Jos is wearing a striking (rain) coat by the Japanese brand Christopher Nemeth. The lines are made with a kind of marker. She also wears the jacket when it gets colder, in that case with a thinly padded jacket underneath. Her glasses are by Prada.