Op straat in Rotterdam: Marianne ten Kaate

Street style in Rotterdam

I spotted her in the Pannenkoekstraat in Rotterdam, in front of the vintage store of Vintage and labels by Hendrikus. No coincidence at all, Marianne ten Kaate (1957) is fond of second-hand clothing and Hendrik’s colleague. So she regularly comes to browse his store.

Op straat in Rotterdam: Marianne ten Kaate

Cleaning up

Marianne: “Today I was busy decorating our house for Christmas, but suddenly I felt I had to go out for a short time. I have a lot of clothes because I never get rid of anything. Since our daughter has left home –  for about four years – I got her room at my disposal. I call it my ‘Ladies Cabinet’, where I have arranged all my lingerie, clothes, shoes and accessories nicely. If you want you can come and see it you’re welcome! ”

Op straat in Rotterdam: Marianne ten Kaate

“I often buy second-hand goods, which is why I like to sniff at Hendrik’s. I found these rubber boots at a flea market. You can see by the sole that they were hardly worn, if at all. The cap also comes from a flea market. the bag I bought in a thrift store. The jacket is by Cora Kemperman. The silk scarf comes from Damascus and is a gift from my boss. The pants are a discard from my daughter.”

“My ‘tail’ is a small addition. I don’t have such beautiful curls of my own.” I accept Marianne’s invitation to come and have a look at her new wardrobe in spring. So … to be continued.


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