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Street style: inspiratie op straat in Amsterdam


The best inspiration you’ll find on the street: like this lady on a Monday morning in Amsterdam for example. It turns out to be Mildred Aken and she lives ‘around the corner’. She is a striking appearance, not only because of her dress but also because of her gray hair. Mildred (1957): “Like many others in my family, I became gray when I was just 20. I always painted it until my 60th. Now I’m proud of my gray cut and often get compliments about it.”

Street style: inspiratie in Amsterdam


“I like buying new clothes. When I see something in a store, I have to have a ‘wow’ feeling right away and my budget needs to be allowed in. I love to combine vintage or second-hand with new. For years I had a clothing store in the Maasstraat myself. The best I liked was to persuade women into trying something different. The main principle is that clothes suit you in terms of style. A color card is not always decisive for me, you also have to dare other colors. For example, if white is not so good, you can solve it by wearing a striking colored chain close to your neck.”

Female style

“I love a female style, that does not mean that I always wear a dress or skirt. But whenever wearing (jeans)pants I have to make sure that my accessories make the whole thing feminine. Since I have this short haircut I like to wear sturdy earrings. These are made of a precious metal, I bought them at an African show in The Hague. My dress is by the brand Ambika It is one of the brands that I sold in my own store. Besides brands such as Cinque, 10Feet, and trousers by Corel.”

Tips from Mildred

“At the end of the summer, I dive into my wardrobe to clean up. I have seen that I have many colors that will be in fashion again in coming winter, like mustard yellow and burgundy red. I’m very careful with my clothes, so I do not always have to buy everything new. If I find something nice I know quickly if I can combine it with the things I already have. I also think it’s important to dress up to your figure. Clothes should not be too tight, one has to be able to move freely. I have always been slim. To stay in shape I take a good walk every day. I like that very much.”

Street style: inspiratie op straat in Amsterdam


“Every winter I go on vacation to the Caribbean with one of my cousins. This year it is going to be Suriname. Because I always arrange these holidays for us, she has spoiled me with this green ring with zirconia’s (right hand). I am fond of shoes and bags, the condition is that they are made of leather. This bag is unbranded, the sunglasses are by Steve Madden.”


“As far as make-up is concerned, I prefer as naturally as possible. I’m using very cheap cream of Aldi, the day and night cream for 40+. Besides that very little foundation and concealer for under my eyes. Mascara and lipstick for the finishing touch.”


Street style: inspiration on the streets in Amsterdam

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