Mannen met sieraden

Street style and jewelry

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of  Galerie RA  in Amsterdam, I made a series of 12 photos. Not only women wearing flashy jewelry, but also men. I was allowed to choose the men and women, Paul Derrez chose for each of them an appropriate piece of jewelry. This is Ton of Holland, artist, and professor of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. Ton is wearing two chokers, designed by Paul Derrez. Besides running the gallery, he designs jewelry as well. Below a picture of Ton without the chokers.

Mannen met sieraden

Conversation piece

Mannen met sieraden

Rob Bax is a man with a penchant for shoes. Not the ordinary ones, but preferably colorful and striking specimens. Besides a tough watch, he usually wears no jewelry. But he’s willing to wear this brooch, especially for this occasion. It is a brooch made by Carina Shoshtary. Of course, I also have a picture taken without. I think this brooch completes his outfit, it has a bit of the effect of a handkerchief. But more exciting and a great conversation piece as well. Mannen met sieraden

Steven and a fish

Mannen met sieraden

Steven Oprinsen is also an artist and a man who likes to wear conspicuous clothing and/or details. The jewel that Paul has chosen for him has been designed by Jie Sun. A designer who is currently based in Shanghai. It’s named “Swimming fish.” It is the back half of the fish, beautifully made with scales and a tail.

Mannen met sieraden

These photo’s show that jewelry is a beautiful accessory, also for men.

Mannen met een bijzonder sieraad

During Art Rotterdam from 8th till 12th of February 2017, all pictures I made for Galery RA will be exhibited.


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