Sieraden die iets toevoegen |


Galerie Ra in Amsterdam specializes in contemporary jewelry. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the gallery, I was asked by owner (and designer) Paul Derrez, to make a photo series of 12 personalities. For each of them, Paul chose a piece of jewelry from the collection (he represents more than 50 designers) in his gallery. To show the effect of a piece of jewelry I took photos of each model wit and without adornment.

Karin Herwegh

Jacqueline Hoiting from Groningen shows a necklace by designer Karin Herwegh. This necklace is called agreement. It is made of glass beads, combined with beech and linden wood. It fits nicely with her garment Jacqueline: “This is my favorite outfit. I already have it more than 40 years. When I saw it in an exclusive boutique, I was immediately in love with it. But at that time I didn’t earn much money, so I couldn’t afford it. My father liked it as well, so he bought it for me. I still wear it with my father in mind. This contemporary necklace is the finishing touch'”

Ela Bauer

Ingeborg Kalkers shows a striking necklace by Ela Bauer. In this series of jewelry Ela Bauer uses the dish as an ornamental object. The dish antenna as a metaphor for the continuous “receive” and “transmit” information. The coat is designed by Walter van Beirendonck.

Sieraden die iets toevoegen|

Sam-Tho Duong

The necklace Martha Persoon wears is designed by Sam-Tho Duong. It’s called Frozen and made of countless freshwater pearls, attached to a silver necklace.

 Sieraden die iets toevoegen|

It was a very nice job. Especially to see the effect of an ornament. The result was also recently seen at the Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam. I also photographed some men with an ornament. Coming soon on my blog t effect te zien van een sieraad. Het resultaat was onlangs ook te zien tijdens de Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam.



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