De stijl van Liesbeth Accord

A stylish lady

When in Amsterdam I ran up to this lady: Liesbeth Accord (1956). Liesbeth: “My style is a mix of classical, African and sportive. I was born in Suriname and I love clothes. As a teenager I already made my own clothes, I followed fashion.”

De stijl van Liesbeth Accord


“My grandmother was very picky with clothes. She did not leave the house if she was not happy about it. She made her own ‘angisa’, fitting her clothes. My brother Clark Accord was a famous makeup artist. He has worked as a make-up artist and stylist all over the world until his debut novel The Queen of Paramaribo appeared. When this book was presented, he asked the family to come in their Surinamese costume. Since his death (on 11-5-2011) I organize together with family and friends the Clark Accord lecture every year on that date. As a tribute, I always appear in Surinam koto and angisa.

De stijl van Liesbeth Accord


Actually, I’m a bit like my grandmother, because I also like to be well dressed. I like to wear a dress with a shawl or a skirt with a blouse. It depends on the occasion. Festive to a party, but never overdressed and never average. I bought this dress at COS. The bag I bought in a shop called ‘‘The girl can’t help it’. The shawl is by Nomi by Naomi.

De stijl van Liesbeth Accord

Sneakers: Sauconi Jazz 

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